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Caring for your products


How do I look after my leather product?

Store leather away from direct sunlight to prevent the colour fading and you may want to feed the leather from time to time with a little clear leather wax.

Leather is a natural material so you may find the surface shows some minor variations in colour or even the occasional small imperfection.

What if my leather product gets wet?

Take immediate action if the leather gets wet. Blot with a soft, absorbent cloth and leave to dry naturally, in a cool dark place. Please be aware that force drying will damage the product as will over stretching.

When the leather is dry apply a neutral leather cream to restore back to original condition.

Suede & Nubuck Products

The delicate material used on products such as suede or nubuck may need extra attention and care to maintain its quality.

It is possible that it may transfer colour onto lighter materials and similarly, avoid contact with any materials which may transfer their colour pigments onto this product.

These unique textures require that extra consideration when worn during inclement weather. Please keep your product away from prolonged sunlight, heat and humidity. Exposure to water, oil, makeup and permanent dyes can unfortunately stain the suede and nubuck products.

In the event that your product does get wet or soiled other than with permanent dyes, try gently dabbing the suede or nubuck with a clean, dry cloth. Allow any damp spots to dry naturally.